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Stair Lifts for Disabled People

Stairs can be a horrible thing if they take away your independence, if you're disabled and only able to use the bottom half of your house it can start to seem like downsizing is the best option, even though you don't want to. Stair lifts for disabled people can give back full independence to an individual, being able to get up and down the stairs on your own means you can rely on yourself.

Finding a stair lift that suits you can be an arduous task, which is why Oakland provide you with advice and support every step of the way. Oakland has 20 years experience in the stair lift industry, and as such they are able to help you with any queries that you may have in regards to stair lifts. They will firstly send out a surveyor to come and look at your stairs, and from there they will be able to tell you what kinds of stairlift are available to you and some ideas about cost.

When looking to buy a stair lift cost is a major factor, especially if you require a full curved stairlift as these are usually the most expensive. Oakland offer reconditioned stair lifts that are a much cheaper option for stair lift purchases. Each reconditioned stair lift is taken through a 22 point check before being sold, this is to ensure that you receive the same quality of service from this product as you would from a first-hand one.

There are times when a stair lift for disabled people may only be necessary for a few weeks or months, reasons for this can be broken bones or recovery from an operation. For cases such as these the best option is to rent a stair lift, Oakland offer this service for situations just like these. They'll come and install the stairlift for you and take it away again once it's no longer needed.

Straight Stair Type

Below are a few common
straight stair types:


Straight 90 Fan Turn

Straight 90 Flat with stap

If one of these resemble your stairs then a straight stairlift is the one for you.

If not, click here to see more typical stair configurations.

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