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How To Be More Mobile In Your Own Home

Are you worried about getting around your own home or afraid to climb your own stairs? At Oakland stairlifts we believe that you should be comfortable when you are in your own home. We have a range of products available to help you get about your own home and be safe and independent.

Obviously we can supply you with a stairlift and you may be a bit sceptical about getting one but you shouldn't be. If you are having back pain or other joint problems like arthritis you shouldn't put yourself through the pain. A Stairlift can help take the pains away and stop you struggling when trying to get about your own house. It doesn't matter how old you are if you are suffering you can stop it. These are extremely safe and often come with seatbelts but you will never fall out of one. It is 100? more safe than risking going up the stairs with joint problems that could cause you to collapse at any time whilst ascending or descending the stairs.

As well as stair lifts we off you wheelchairs and mobility scooters which can also help you get about your own house. Your front and back doors can be fitted with ramps to make them wheelchair and scooter friendly. Like the stairlifts they are there to ease the pain that you may be having so why wait around. All of our equipment is extremely comfortable as well so you will be happy while using it.

At Oakland Stairlifts we offer our equipment at more than reasonable prices so you will not be disappointed. If you are only temporarily injured you can rent our stairlifts from as little as £15 which is not a bad choice as they can be fitted and removed easily.

Straight Stair Type

Below are a few common
straight stair types:


Straight 90 Fan Turn

Straight 90 Flat with stap

If one of these resemble your stairs then a straight stairlift is the one for you.

If not, click here to see more typical stair configurations.

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