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Children's Disability Stairlifts

Children are one of the most likely groups of people to have accidents. The main reason for this is that they're still getting used to their bodies, and while they grow they don't have the coordination that adults do. This means that the accidents they have will be more frequent, although thankfully as they are still growing they should recover from these injuries quickly. This is great as it means that children learn as they grow, however some accidents can result in an injury slightly worse than a scraped knee, and the result of the accident could last for a lifetime.

Sometimes children are disabled by an accident. This is a sad truth that many people are unaware of because they don't ever think about it, and it can end up stunting a young and growing life. Children are also the most adaptable group of people there are, and soon after something has happened they can find it quite easy to cope with and soon forget that it isn't how they used to be. Many people admire this in children as they know that they wouldn't be able to cope with the same changes, which is why children are so special.

A lot of the time if a child is disabled then they need to have a stairlift to get around at home. There are loads of different children's disability stairlifts and all can help to improve upon the quality of life that a child is faced with after an accident. If a child has always been disabled then they know nothing different, and a stairlift can become part of their lives which they never thought they could live without. After an accident if a child needs to use a stairlift in order to recover properly then they will find it very odd at first, but soon come to welcome the help they get from the new machine.

Straight Stair Type

Below are a few common
straight stair types:


Straight 90 Fan Turn

Straight 90 Flat with stap

If one of these resemble your stairs then a straight stairlift is the one for you.

If not, click here to see more typical stair configurations.

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