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Mr Frederick Brooks is the man behind Brooks Stairlifts. In 1972 he designed and built his first stairlift for his wife when she began to suffer severely with rheumatoid arthritis. Since then the company have innovated their designs again and again to provide their customers with a reliable stairlift to use at home. Brooks Stairlifts products are cheaper compared to the other stairlift ranges on the market. The reason for this is that they realise that those in need of a stairlift may not always have enough money to spend on a stairlift as they want.

Brooks Stairlifts have researched and changed their designs many times in the past to end up with the products they have today. The first ever stairlift from the company, built by Mr Brooks was called the MK1 and served its purpose to his wife. The MK2 was a revolution for Brooks Stairlifts and was mass produced to provide to more customers. Over the next 30 years the standards for British stairlifts was changed five times and each time Brooks Stairlifts have produced a new stairlift for their customers to purchase, which has helped them stay ahead of the market and to provide great products for their customers.

Oakland Stairlifts provide many different kinds of stairlifts to their customers. These all go to help those that need assistance with mobility in their home and Brooks Stairlifts are some of the products they provide. Brooks Stairlifts products have been built to last for a very long time. This is great because it means that if someone no longer requires a stairlift they can then sell it back to Oakland Stairlifts for a lower price. These products also always meet the current British standards for stairlifts, which is very important when a stairlift supplier is selling a product.

Straight Stair Type

Below are a few common
straight stair types:


Straight 90 Fan Turn

Straight 90 Flat with stap

If one of these resemble your stairs then a straight stairlift is the one for you.

If not, click here to see more typical stair configurations.

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