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2nd Hand Stairlifts

Stairlifts are necessary for some people. The reasons for this can be many and it's not uncommon in this day and age to find that someone you know requires a stairlift. As we get older our bodies deteriorate and become frailer than they ever have been. This can be scary as nobody wants to lose the ability to do certain things like go for a walk or be adventurous and go hiking. However it is a fact that once we get older we are more susceptible to aches and pains in the joints as well as arthritis, which can be the final reason that means we have to have a stairlift.

Stairlifts can be incredibly expensive. The main reason for this is that they are technically a home modification, sometimes requiring a staircase or banister to be completely removed and a new one installed simply to accommodate the stairlift. In addition to this there are also the on-going costs that a stairlift brings, namely the servicing and repairs. Many companies such as Oakland Stairlifts offer an aftercare service that covers all of the servicing and repairs a stairlift could need, but other companies will simply charge for every service or repair that needs to be made on a stairlift on top of the initial cost.

The simple solution for those that need a stairlift but can't afford one is to buy 2nd hand stairlifts. Pre-owned stairlifts have come from a home where they are no longer required. These stairlifts will then go through a check that differs depending on the company, Oakland Stairlifts for example have a 22 point check system that roots out any possible problems that a stairlift may have. Once this check has been completed the stairlift is ready to be supplied to a new customer at a discounted price because it isn't brand new. This however doesn't mean that the stairlift is in a poor condition as the checks that they go through ensure that repairs are made to parts that could break, and the stairlift won't fail on the first ascent.

Straight Stair Type

Below are a few common
straight stair types:


Straight 90 Fan Turn

Straight 90 Flat with stap

If one of these resemble your stairs then a straight stairlift is the one for you.

If not, click here to see more typical stair configurations.

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